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Front Entry Cameras
  • chevron_rightWhen was the front entry camera presentation made?
    Three Springs Camera Committee Update, October 25, 2018
    To: Three Springs Community
    From: James E. Silverstein, HOA Board Member; Communications Chair; and Camera Committee Chair.
    October 25, 2018
    The Board is pleased to inform the neighborhood that following a thorough presentation about entrance cameras made to the HOA Board at the Board meeting on October 17, 2018 by the Three Springs Camera Committee Chairman James E. Silverstein, on behalf of the Camera Committee, which was the culmination of several months of diligent research and background work conducted by Committee that included Debra Levine, Ralph Grimmer, Roy Good, Frank Bonvino and Don Rosenberg, the HOA Board voted unanimously 5-0 to approach the City of Westlake Village to request input from the City to find out what the City would require from Three Springs in order to allow us to install a FLOCK camera system on public property at the entrances to our neighborhood. 
    The detailed presentation made by the Camera Committee Chair to the neighbors in attendance explained why the Camera Committee believed that cameras would be a benefit to Three Springs and why the Camera Committee believed that Flock system was the best choice over the other camera systems that were studied.  The Camera Committee's presentation also outlined their belief that while cameras act as valuable crime deterrent and crime-fighting tools for law enforcement, the HOA ultimately does not provide neighborhood security, and each individual homeowner remains responsible for his or her own security. Committee Chairman Silverstein also explained that the Flock camera system in question is different from the average home security system, since Flock’s primary focus and function is on recording license plates and vehicle traffic coming into, and out of, the neighborhood. The Chairman explained that such a camera system could act as a supplement to the individual homeowner’s own security cameras, but not in lieu of such personal security measures by each individual owner. The Chairman also addressed privacy concerns, including the fact that if this camera system were ultimately installed, the HOA Board of Directors would not have access to the camera footage.
    The Committee Chairman Silverstein explained that FLOCK was one of five vendors the Committee contacted and received feedback and pricing from, including actual site surveys. One of the four other vendors the Committee consulted with actually recommended FLOCK to the Committee without solicitation from the Committee instead of their own equipment, based upon our neighborhood’s needs and the amazing value provided by Flock. Flock’s system is completely infrastructure-free. Each camera works off of solar energy in conjunction with battery backup, does not use or require electricity, and all video recordings are transmitted wirelessly over cellular networks to a cloud-based server where it is stored for 30 days. No wires, cables, or video recording equipment is required. The cameras are provided as part of a year-to-year service agreement with Flock, and the HOA does not own or have any residual interest in any of the equipment. If the cameras are not renewed for additional terms after the first year, Flock would simply remove the cameras from site without any remaining obligations to the neighborhood. Because the neighborhood is not required to own the cameras, they are not capital improvements to the neighborhood. The yearly cost for each camera is only $1,500.00, which is all-inclusive, including installation, cellular service, video storage, maintenance, upkeep and any required repairs or replacement. If you are interested in further information about Flock’s system and services provided, their website is
    The Board will present the Committee’s findings regarding the Flock camera system to the WLV City Counsel’s Public Safety Committee at City Hall at the scheduled Public Safety Committee Meeting on December 13, 2018 at 2:00PM. The Board will seek the City’s input on whether the City would allow the installation of this camera system on City property located at the front main entrance on Three Springs, as well as the two side entrances on Woodburn and Fallview, and if so, what the City would require of the HOA prior to granting final permission. The Board will then reconvene on a later date to discuss the City’s position and decide the next step. This will be a transparent process and the neighborhood will be kept abreast. 
    Thank you.
    James E. Silverstein, Esq.
    HOA Board Member; Communications Chairman; and Camera Committee Chairman
Front Entry Questions
  • chevron_rightBudget for front entry project
    The Board originally estimated an expenditure of $176,000; $50,000 of which will be coming from the City in the form of a grant.  The Board has contracted with a landscape Architect for $23,050  which includes plan development, City approval process and project oversite for all components of the project.  The construction contract  including all elements of the project was awarded for Phase 1 in the amount of $155,833 for a total of $178,883.
  • chevron_rightHave the components of the project changed since the initial mailing to the community back in April of 2017?
    NO, the components have not changed, pilasters with wing walls and faux gates on either side of the street will be installed, decorative lighting will be added to the pilasters, electrical outlets will also be added to the pilasters for the option of seasonal holiday lights, up-lights will also be added where appropriate; irrigation controllers and a new subsurface system will be added which will help conserve water and the landscaping will be enhanced and updated. The project has been broken down into 2 phases at the request of the City.  The 2nd and 3rd center medians are now considered part of Phase 2.  The number 1 median which is included in Phase 1 is still currently in discussion with City Staff regarding any structural components which may or may not be allowed in this particular median; but this will not hold up commencing construction on the other portions of the project.
  • chevron_rightWhen and how will “Phase 2” be implemented?
    The Board has received estimated costs for completion of the Phase 2 medians from their landscape architect of approximately $38,000 and has not yet determined when that Phase will be addressed.
  • chevron_rightWhen will construction start?
    Construction is anticipated to commence in early May of 2018.