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~ Entry Beautification Update ~
Update for Front Entrance Project, July 12, 2018
Dear Three Springs Neighbors and Friends:
Let us start with some history and clarifications of where things currently stand for this noble project.
Over a year ago, the Three Springs Homeowners voted overwhelmingly to improve and update our main neighborhood entrance at the intersection of Three Springs Drive and Triunfo Canyon. After a formal bidding process, an architect and contractor were hired.
The project commenced in the middle of May, 2018.  
We are pleased to announce that while there have been some unforeseen issues beyond our control which arose during initial construction with respect to the initial pilaster placement and texture of the stone originally utilized, those issues have been, and will be remedied by the Contractor, without any additional cost burdens to the HOA. We remain on schedule and on budget, with no necessary change orders. The completion date for Phase 1 is, and has always been, September 30, 2018. There is a penalty clause in place in the contract with the Contractor to encourage timely completion.
Because a number of people have asked, the removal of some previously installed stone on the north pilaster last week was because the Contractor mistakenly installed jagged stone pieces in the area where the wrought iron gates will ultimately bolt to the pilasters, and those locations need to be flat so that the gate will fit flush. The Contractor should hopefully have this portion completed by either Friday, July 13, or Monday, July 16. To see progress pictures, click here!
Additionally, the Contractor is trenching for the conduit to run electrical wires to the center medians.  All medians are being watered regularly. We are also working with SCE on improving and possibly moving the meter that blocks the monument on the north side. 
Additional information about the history of this project is available elsewhere in this website. The Landscape Committee will be available regularly at the front on a regular basis to answer project questions.
Thanks for your patience! This is a large project, but will provide a vast improvement to our community’s appearance when it is finished.

Pam Johnson,
Landscape Committee Chair
James E. Silverstein, 
Communications Chair
To see a mockup of the project, please click here.

If you have questions regarding the project, please feel free to contact The Emmons Company. Questions that can’t be answer will be forwarded to the Committee and/or the Board.

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~ 2018 Election Results ~
2018 Election Results and Officers
Thank you to those of you who took the time to vote, the following people were elected to the 2018-2019 Board of Directors:
Larry Coleman - President - 189 Votes Received
Pamela Johnson - Vice President - 233 Voted Received
Pat Brennan - Treasurer - 229 Votes Received
Frank Bonvino - Secretary - 215 Votes Received
James Silverstein - Member at Large - 256 Votes Received

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