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~ 6.22.20-Fencing information ~
Greetings from your Three Springs Homeowners Association.  As we start the Summer season and as some of our Safe at Home restrictions are relaxed, many of our residents are thinking about home improvements.  One of your first stops should be to check our Three Springs HOA website and the CC&R’s, and our Architectural Rules.  Many of the improvements you are planning could require approval of your HOA, and/or the City of Westlake Village, and/or neighbor advisement. 
The CC&R’s and Architectural Rules can be found on our website at   Registered users will need to login into the website and go the menu on the left hand side of the page and click on “Architectural.” There you will find the full text of the Architectural rules describing the process, guidelines, and an application for improvements.
One of the frequently asked questions is about the guidelines regarding Block Walls, Fences, and Retaining Walls.  Here is an excerpt of what they state:
1. The Architectural Committee must approve any wall or fence installed by an owner before installation commences. Walls or fences will be approved only if the design and materials are in conformity with the architectural design of the community and the established specifications.
2. Acceptable materials for extension, repair or construction of block walls, fences and retaining walls shall only be:
a) Wrought iron - the same design and color as originally installed must be used, any change to the design or color must be approved.
b) Slump stone similar in color, size and texture to walls already constructed in Three Springs Development.
c) Brick or other masonry.
d) Stucco - the texture and color must match that of the residence.
3. Unacceptable materials for fencing shall be grape stake, chain link, and fiberglass. No double fences shall be constructed.
4. As part of their initial construction, each Lot contains walls and/or fences. Such walls and/or fences shall not be removed except for purposes of repair or replacement. Replacement must receive prior approval by the Architectural Committee.
5. Property line walls are not to exceed six (6) feet in height without special structural design approved by Los Angeles County and TSHA Architectural Committee. Walls should be topped with a brick cap to match existing block walls. Decorative wall height should not exceed 48 inches including light fixtures.
6. Side/rear wall height must be maintained at a height of five (5) feet above adjacent grade. Do not backfill against these walls.”
 Many of the planned improvements also require a signed application stating a Neighbor Advisement.
And don’t forget about any potential approval needed from the City of Westlake Village. Their contact information can be found at WWW.WLV.ORG.
 Any further questions regarding theses issues can be directed to our Management Team at the Emmons Company, Tami Zuccolillo, who can reached at   or (805) 413-1170.   
We wish you Good luck with your improvements and have a great Summer

~ COVID-19 website information ~
Below please find direct resource information that apply to Westlake Village, LA County, Ventura County and State of CA information and resources for COVID-19:
City of Westlake Village
L. A. County
Ventura County