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~ Entry Beautification Update ~
Update for Front Entrance, 08/09/2018
The HOA Board had an emergency meeting this morning at The Emmons Company regarding the necessity for a Change Order in the amount of $6,717.00.  Unfortunately, it was discovered that the necessary electrical conduit needed to connect the soon-to-be constructed center median pilaster lights was not previously run from the side power source to the center median at the time of the neighborhood’s construction in the late 1980’s. The main issue was whether to run an additional wire sleeve from the power source on the side, which would require cutting a hole in a portion of the sidewalk near the corner of Three Springs Drive and Timberridge Court, dropping down the sleeve, and then repairing the sidewalk. The original quote was approximately $8,217.00, but the City agreed to pay $1,000.00 of this amount for some additional paintwork we wanted, and the contractor agreed to an additional $500.00 discount.
After weighing the pros and cons of this proposed change, the Board approved the Change Order. This swift response will avoid any undue delays and the project should still be finished on schedule.
Additionally, the workers are continuing trenching work for the new irrigation lines and electrical hookup.  All medians continue to be watered regularly.
The color for the finish on the new faux gates has been finalized and they are ready for powder coating. The center median piece is being fabricated to match the gates. To see progress pictures, click here!
The City has also agreed to paint the 5 utility boxes at the front entrance, which will save us $1,000.00.  We have also requested that SCE straighten the crooked meter at the front entrance exit wall as well. Regardless, the meter will have plants around it to help blend it in.
Weather permitting, the Landscape Committee will be available at the front to answer project questions.
Please tell your friends and neighbors to sign up to receive our neighborhood information on
Thanks for everyone’s continued patience.
Kindest regards,
Pam Johnson,
Landscape Committee Chair
James E. Silverstein, Esq.
Communications Committee Chair
To see a mockup of the project, please click here.

If you have questions regarding the project, please feel free to contact The Emmons Company. Questions that can’t be answer will be forwarded to the Committee and/or the Board.

The City Of Westlake Village will be starting its citywide repainting of residential address numbers on the curbs FREE OF CHARGE and expects to have this project completed this fall. 
It’s also  been reported that some private entity is soliciting the community for painting of address numbers and other verbiage for a fee.  Please remember the City does this free of charge and that the curbs are maintained by the  City of Westlake Village; work by others, additional verbiage and/or decor on the curbs should be approved by The City of Westlake Village.

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